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The machine is always ‘’full option’’, ie with wheels, central lifting bar, quick-pitch handles, emergency stop, double H-3-lights, hour counter, etc. The four-spider is , thanks to his lower speed, perfect for panning or floating. The 5-spider is the perfect finisher, thanks to his high-speed. The machine is suited for the medium size surfaces.(300-800 m2)


The frame is a galvanised tubeframe with a minimal torsion, The steering, with heavy-duty-bearing-blocks, works direct, with a mini-mal need for maintenance, with friction-compensation.


The spiders have a permanent sealing system, for a low maintenance and a high safety-level. The standard heavy-duty-arms, of high-grade casting, guarantee, thanks to the low rigidity, superflat floors. The blades guarantee a maximum of 15mm working distance to the wall.


The newest Honda-model , the GX690 V-twin with torque 48/ 2500RPM with electro-starter, has a low emission-level and a very low fuel need of 4,5liter/hour in heavy working conditions.  He is a lot stronger than the older GX670. This gives larges savings towards other machines, and of course, Honda is famous for his reliability. Optional, a catalysator is available for work in closed spaces, such as refrigerators, cellars, houses, etc.

B-Mac and his personnel is always available to work out, in cooperation with the customer, an even more adequate version, fully developed towards the customer.

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