BM60 - Powerful machine for detailed finishing

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Powerful machine for detailed finishing

The BM 60 is equipped with a turning and a standing ring. The power comes from a powerful 4HP-Honda-engine. The machine is developed for secure working and finishing. The machine works upto 2 millimeter to the walls. The upper ring has a belt that leaves no marks on the walls.

The BM 60 can be delivered with a 4-arm-spider as well as a 6-arm-spider and is delivered with a steel disc. The lightest version is the 4-arm-spider-version, but has a similar surface-range as the 6-arm-spider. To ease up transportation, the BM 60 is equipped with a folding handle bar. An optional lift bar can be delivered for extra transport comfort. The machine can be equipped with an electronic engine of 220Volt.

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